361/365 {“Silence is true wisdom’s best reply.”}

361/365 {"Silence is true wisdom's best reply."}

I convert most of my images to black and white, even if I don’t keep them or post them, just to see how it would look.  To me, this one works better in black and white because of the wispy stems, lines, shapes, and shadows.  I don’t have just one way of converting an image, sometimes I go with a PS action (I usually tweak it a bit to fit the image), and sometimes I start from scratch.  When I load an image into PS, I never choose Image>Adjustments>Desaturate.  Why?  Because I need more control than that.  I usually either go with black/white gradient map, and then adjust the levels from there, or I create a black and white adjustment layer and adjust the background colors separately.  Basically, I have no set “formula” for conversion, every image is unique, every image is trial and error until I see something that I like.  In the case of this particular image, I used a Photoshop plugin, called Perfect Effects 8, and then added a texture layer on top to lighten the background a bit (so it wasn’t just solid black).  I did do some spot burning to give the petals a little bit more depth and definition.  I never dodge or burn an image directly, I add a new layer over the image, change blend mode to “overlay”, fill with 50% gray, and do my dodging and burning on that layer (that way, I can always delete the layer and start over if I don’t like it).

Do you have a favorite conversion method for creating your black and white images?

If you click on the image above, you can see a color version in the comments section.  What do you think?  Color or black and white?


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356/365 {Keeping the Tooth Fairy Busy}

356/365 {Keeping The Toothfairy Busy}

His first tooth was knocked out at a baseball game (hit in the mouth with a baseball – he was fine!), and it knocked the other one on top loose (he ended up losing the other one that same night).  The bottom tooth came out soon after, and now the OTHER bottom-middle tooth is loose!  He has been waiting a long time to start losing teeth, and he is very proud of the fact that he is finally starting to.  :)

354/365 {Splash pad}

I realize I’m probably a little late “discovering” Vsco Cam, but I’ve been having a lot of fun playing around with it! It has some great editing tools, and I have been checking out “the grid” online. You can check out my Vsco grid here, and follow me if you like. Make sure you leave your link in the comments if you use it as well!

354/365 {Splash pad}

353/365 {Protest}

Something a little bit different for me.  I don’t usually do street photography, but I approached a protest downtown a few days ago, and captured some shots on my phone.

There are actually two protest groups here – BAMN (in the front), and the group in the back is protesting illegal immigrants.  Quite a number of people in the back group had side arms.  Not very comfortable around that, but they were friendly (at least the ones who spoke to me and a fellow member of the photography club).

353/365 {Protest}