Project 365 bonus {Waiting}

Another bonus photo that I wanted to share!

I was opening the door the other night to help my husband bring in the groceries, when I saw this guy hanging out above our front porch.  It was too dark to get a good shot, and I didn’t want to use a flash.  I positioned the camera so that the streetlight from across the street was directly behind him, creating a silhouette, and switched to manual focus (autofocus doesn’t work when it’s that dark).


248/365 {Front row seat}

248/365 {Front row seat}See that orange glow to the right of the leaf?  That is actually the sun!  I live in a very dense neighborhood, with lots of tall trees, so it is very difficult to see the sun once it goes behind the trees.  Sometimes I wish I lived in an area where I could see the sun go all the way down to the horizon…..  :)

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