Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

The theme for this week’s photo challenge on WordPress is “movement”.  My submission is a little different!

This image DID start out as an actual photo, but I turned it into a piece of abstract art using Photoshop CS5.  Something about it says “movement” to me!

If you would like to see my set of abstracts on Flickr, click HERE.

Thanks for stopping by, and check out the other “movement” photos submitted to the challenge HERE.

- Holly

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40 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

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      • Now that is cool! Never in a million years would I have guessed that is what you started with. Do you “see” the final result when you start to create one of these, or do you simply “wing it” and see what you come up with. It’s amazing work either way.

      • Thanks, Jeff! I actually do just wing it, and if I like the final result, I keep it! I’m trying to learn what kind of image makes a good abstract, it seems to be the ones with a dark background, and good, solid colors (that compliment each other). Sometimes I will actually expand the canvas, and fill in more black around the edge so I can stretch the colors even more. I’m going to be doing a tutorial post soon! :)

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